Ryan Burch

Ryan talks the science of surfboard shaping and the many variables that come into play when shaping for different kinds of waves:

Ryan Burch surfing a finless surfboard looks just about as fun as you could have in the water. Soft top surfboards have become more popular these days with pro surfers and beginners alike having them in their quivers to combat any wave conditions, and for good reason. Those epic summer beach days when the weather is perfect, but the waves are small, calls for an entertaining soft top session with your buddies to just goof around and enjoy being in the water. With a handful of brands such as Catch Surf and 88 Surfboards making many different shapes and sizes to choose from, it’s no wonder why you see more and more in the water today. Surfboards with fins, surfboards without fins – there’s no difference – it’s still surfing! Burch demostrates: