Martin Varbaro

Martin Varbaro was born in San Martin, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976. Through his passion for art and his surfer-skater background, he finds a perfect mix, and is able to show it in each of his works. Recognized for his aggressive style, where his personality stands out in each of his works, you can see in them his own mental tranquility without leaving aside the constant break of the established. During the year 2000, his work grew in such way that Martín started working in Europe for different musical festivals using black light effect techniques in 3d, achieving fascinating three-dimensional effects. Through its innovative design making use of form, light and color, it creates its own cutting-edge company called Gansedoline. In 2005 he formed Funktion Forms, with the expert in design Jamin Murphy (New York), with whom he stands out in the most prestigious festivals in the. With his talent he has excelled in some of the best festivals around the world, in various cities such as Buenos Aires, New York, Brasilia, Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Santiago de Chile, Budapest, Sardegna, Paris, Lisbon, Zurich, Tessaloniki, Brussels, Antalya, London, Sydney, San Jose, Costa Rica and many others. Martin Varbaro is convinced that art is an important part of our lives. His passion for music, film, surfing and skateboarding brings his riotous style to an unmistakable and recognizable work with the naked eye that today has its headquarters in the place he chose to live in: Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, Argentina